The Arab Women Union Association


The Arab Women Union Association was established in 1956 in Beit Sahour city by a number of active women who work towards enhancing women’s role in society along with other segments such as children and people with special needs.

The Association is a non-profit registered in the Palestinian Ministry of Interior under No. (165), and holds all the necessary licenses for its programs such as; a nursery for children, a center for people with special needs, and a guest house. 

Programs and Activities:

The nursery: targeting children from the age of three months to three years with the supervision of 14 educators and kitchen workers serving 120 children. The nursery abides by all health and educational conditions stipulated in "health insurance, accident insurance, and public safety".

Al Basma Center for People with Special Needs (Mental disabilities): The center hosts 33 young men and women aged between (15-35) years, with professional supervision.

The center works on a number of activities that contribute to the development of manual skills, such as:

1. Paper recycling.

2. Manufacture of heating charcoal from olive sawdust

3. Making loom and carpet.

4. Drama and singing program.

5. Gardening.6. Olive wood 

The Kitchen: The kitchen is specialized in preparing fresh traditional meals, popular and seasonal food production, based on the local market and the request of working women in the community. It also aims to provide job opportunities for unemployed women.

Guest House: It contains 15 rooms and 33 beds, with the aim of receiving tourists, which constitutes a financial source for the association, and contributes to covering a number of programs and activities. Internal and External Relations: The association aims to strengthen its relations with the local community and its civil and official institutions, as well as international institutions with the aim of developing the programs and projects in order to achieve its goals, benefiting from the experience and support of partner institutions.